Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MHTCET with Dr. Vishal Panjabi

Now a days there is lot of Study Pressure on Students Aspiring to give MHTCET. This is due to voluminous study material in biology (i.e. 9 sanctioned textbooks from which questions are asked) and less number of medical seats available.
This test series will help you prepare for MHTCET in a streamlined way. It is designed to Reduce Your Stress at minimum and help you Score Maximum. Here we have gone through 180 Chapters (i.e. 20 chapters × 9 sanctioned textbooks) and have selected all sort of Expected Questions which can be asked at MHTCET exam.

If you solve these questions, not only you will test yourself but also Improve Your Knowledge. We have made 2 types of papers – Easy (E) and Difficult (D), so that you get exposed to both type of questions. Once you complete Chapter Wise Tests then you will have composite tests, Bio-I tests, Bio-II tests and finally Prelims. If you give all these tests sincerely after reading textbooks, I assure you all that you will Crack MHTCET 2009 with ease.

1 comment:

  1. he s no gr8 at all,rather he always forces students to focus more on major topics and ignore others...
    also he skips some minor topics if needed but at extreme cases he goes thro the minors topics by just reading them in class and throws his famous dialogue as "yeh,toh tumko pata hai" and the topic is over in less than 30 mins....
    i truely recommend nt to tke biology tutorials to this tutors ,else u will b in 'gutter'..